The Rudolph Family History in South Africa
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Early Family Heritage in South Africa

Not unlike most early South African families, the Rudolph family
has it's own share of Non-white / Slave blood in their roots.

From Lubeck, Germany and was already in the Cape in 1688.
He became a burgher while living in Stellenbosch in 1708.
From his will of 7th April 1708, he died "sonder wettige bloedverwanten
nog erfgenamen". His heirs were: Jantjie PIETERSZ 5 years old
at the time and living with him, and Catarina and Angenietie PIETERSZ,
14 and 12 years old respectively.

Christina VAN DIE KAAP
Not much is known about Christina. It seems as if she bore
Andreas PIETERSZ 3 illegitimate children while living in his house.
Namely Catarina, Anna Angenieta and Jan.
Christina PIETERSZ van de CAAB is given as the mother of
Johannes in the Cape Town baptismal registers of slave children
of the Company.

In Jan PIETERSZ' baptism record he is recorded as "halfslag".
After Helena's death Jan married Elsje GERRITS v.d. KAAP.
The clincher in the identity of Jan's father was the fact that
the witnesses of the baptism of Jan's daughter, Johanna Angenieta,
he had with Elsje GERRITS were Jacob SCHREUDER and
Johanna Angenieta. Johanna Angenieta was the sister of
Jan PIETERSZ the illegitimate child Andreas PIETERSZ had with
Christina vd KAAP. This link seems to confirm that we are dealing
with the same Jan PIETERSZ s.o. Andries PIETERSZ x Christina vd KAAP.

Lena (Helena) VAN DE CAAB
No record has yet been found that clearly identifies the ancestry
of Lena. Lena (Helena) was also probably of non-white blood
having the "surname" of "Van De CAAB". She could not have
been a slave at the time of her marraige to Jan PIETERSZ
given that Jan was a "vrijswart".

Susanna was certainly of mostly non-white blood. Her father
being Jan PIETERSZ, the "vrijswart" and her mother being
Lena VAN DE CAAB. The witnesses at her baptism were
Abraham VAN MACASSER and Susanna VAN DE KUS also slaves.

Hans Joachim BENDFELDT
Hans was born in Neustadt, Holstein, Germany. He arrived as
a soldier of the Companje at Cabo de Goede Hoop.
He married Susanna on 25 Jan 1756.

Helena BENDFELDT's heritage