The Rudolph Family History in South Africa
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Welcome to the website of the oldest Rudolph Family in South Africa.

The Rudolph Family could possibly trace it's origins back to Rudolph I (of the Habsburg House),
(May 1, 1218 July 15, 1291).

The Rudolph Family in South Africa lists descendants of Johann Bernhard(t) Rudolph who arrived in South Africa in 1756 as a soldier of the VOC, and some of the extended family. He was the 6th of 8 children born to Johann Jacob Rudeloff and his first wife Anna Gerdrutha Klercke on 1st December 1732 in Eshwege, Hessen region, Germany.

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Early Family Heritage in South Africa

The arrival of Jan Rudolph in SA and early family history

The Rudolph's in the Great Trek

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